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Hi, I'm Ana Url.
I code & build campaigns with the power of words and colors.

I build sites and apps for queer-feminist causes. I also work with governments, political parties and nonprofits to design & lead digital strategy campaigns from scratch.

#fullstack #AI #campaigns #queerfeminist

My story


Over the last 10 years, I have collaborated with diverse teams, held various roles, and engaged in a wide spectrum of sectors, including government, nonprofit organizations, public relations agencies, and corporations. My journey includes spearheading and successfully executing transformative projects, such as the establishment of the central governmental platform and the pioneering eCitizens project. I've proudly developed and implemented advocacy and communication campaigns for anti-fascist, queer and feminist organizations like Zagreb Pride, LORI and KolekTiRV. In addition, I crafted digital strategies and implemented trainings for organizations, parties and initiatives including the Party of European Socialists, the European External Action Service, ALDE party, IDAHOBIT, to name just a few.


Exploring the world of coding, I'm driven by the belief that technology is a tool for collaboration, self-expression, and social justice. My expertise lies in full-stack website development. However, with a track record of planning, leading, and executing numerous projects, I have harnessed my technical skills not only in the development of web projects but also in shaping their content and functionality. Some of my recent projects include "That's so gay" , platforms for nonprofits like Queer Slavonija, and other projects supporting women and queer-led businesses in establishing a strong online presence. I'm passionate about mentoring aspiring web developers through the Mentoring Byte initiative to foster web development community growth. I'm also a Recurse Center alum, part of the global community of passionate programmers.

My Timeline

June 2022 - present

Web Developer - Freelance

    Collaborating with teams of developers to build modern and responsive web applications using best practices. Building semantically structured full stack web applications and static websites. Crafting digital strategies, advocacy and comms campaigns.

September 2022 - December 2022

Alum - Recurse Center

An active member of the Recurse Center, a global community of over 2000 programmers. During a 12-week retreat, I developed my passion project - a full stack application that aims to collect everyday microaggressions towards the queer community.

January 2022 - September 2022

Software engineering agency with training program - 100 devs

    Participated in a 30-week intense full-stack web development training. Learned how to build modern and responsive web applications using best practices using HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node, Express, MongoDB.

2017 - 2022

Digital Strategist - Freelance

Coordinated multi-disciplinary teams to develop and implement cost-effective digital strategies for brands, organizations and institutions. Conducted social media and media trainings for more than 100 participants.


Adviser - Government of Republic of Croatia

Transformed information and service delivery across government to digital-by-default by electronically integrating government data from several information systems into a single one. Engaged multiple stakeholders in developing a shared publishing platform for central government departments as part of the new single government domain .


Master's Degree - University of Ljubljana

Obtained a solid foundation of international relations, diplomacy and global affairs. Internship experience in Croatian Parliament, volunteer work for political parties and nonprofits.

My Work

Discover my portfolio of responsive websites and applications, showcasing my proficiency in React, Javascript, Next.js, Node.js, Express, HTML and CSS. All of them are crafted with a focus on seamless user interaction, design, and optimal performance.

screenshot of the Aya Contigo app

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Aya Contigo - apps that accompany people through a safe medication abortion, providing them with an evidence-based, reliable private digital resources to avoid unsafe abortions.

screenshot of the Aya Contigo app

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A full-stack application that empowers womxn to manage their health activities efficiently.

screenshot of the website with orange background

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First platform for psychosocial and legal support for queer persons in Slavonija, one of the most underdeveloped parts of Croatia.

image of the angry feminist app

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Simple app that generates random feminist and queer quotes.
Next step: Build Feminist quotes API 🚀

screenshot of that's so gay' platform

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'That's so gay' is a full stack web app and a non-profit platform with aim to collect microaggressions towards LGBTIQ+ communities and highlight their harmful impact.

laptop on the table with page open

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eCitizens portal - Worked on transforming information and service delivery by integrating data from several information systems into a single one.

screenshot of law firm's website

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Responsive and bilingual website built with React and Next.js, featuring interactive animations, smooth scrolling, and a clean design.

screenshot of the 'branches' app

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A simple mobile and web app that allows users to create lists for their projects. Users can add tasks, delete them and also mark them as complete.

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An online dictionary made with React that gives definitions, examples and pictures related to the word search.

More soon

More soon

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Let's collaborate to make something great. I'd love to listen to your thoughts and ideas. I'm happy to provide my skills and services to bring your product or website to life!