Hi, I'm Ana Urlic. A Software Developer.

Creative and detail-oriented software developer with a deep interest in accessible and user-friendly experiences. With a background in communications and activism, I believe in technology as a tool for collaboration, self-expression, and social justice.

About me

As a former communications consultant and activist, I have a strong background in digital initiatives, project management, social media and campaigning. From technical to creative, I advised agencies, brands, NGOs, and parliament members. Throughout my work I often focused on the societal issues that I want to combat through the accessibility and omnipresence of technology.

My journey has led me to software development because I believe in technology as a tool for collaboration, self-expression and social justice. As a software developer, my unique experience means that I am adept at solving problems, whether human or technical. I am dedicated to working collaboratively and to finding the best, most efficient ways to achieve project goals.

My Timeline

June 2022 - present

Software Developer - Freelance

    Collaborated with a team of developers to build modern and responsive web applications using best practices. Built semantically structured full stack web applications and static websites. Applied agile methodologies like SCRUM for project management.

September 2022 - December 2022

Alum - Recurse Center

An active member of the Recurse Center, a global community of over 2000 programmers. During a 12-week retreat, I developed my passion project - a full stack application that aims to collect everyday microaggressions towards the queer community.

January 2022 - September 2022

Software engineering agency with training program - 100 devs

    Participated in a 30-week intense full-stack web development training. Learned how to build modern and responsive web applications using best practices using HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node, Express, MongoDB.

2017 - 2022

Communications Consultant - Freelance

Coordinated multi-disciplinary teams to develop and implement cost-effective digital strategies for brands, organizations and institutions. Conducted social media and media trainings for more than 100 participants.


Adviser - Government of Republic of Croatia

Transformed information and service delivery across government to digital-by-default by electronically integrating government data from several information systems into a single one. Engaged multiple stakeholders in developing a shared publishing platform for central government departments as part of the new single government domain .


Master's Degree - University of Ljubljana

Obtained a solid foundation of international relations, diplomacy and global affairs. Internship experience in Croatian Parliament, volunteer work for political parties and NGO organizations.

My Portfolio

Discover my portfolio of responsive websites and applications, showcasing my proficiency in Next.js, React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. All of them are crafted with a focus on seamless user interaction, design, and optimal performance.

screenshot of that's so gay' platform

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'That's so gay' is a full stack web application and a non-profit platform with aim to collect microaggressions towards LGBTIQ+ communities and highlight their harmful impact.

screenshot of law firm's website

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Responsive and bilingual law firm website built with React and Next.js, featuring interactive animations, smooth scrolling, and a clean design.

screenshot of the website with orange background

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Website for psychosocial and legal support for queer persons in Slavonija, one of the most underdeveloped parts of Croatia.

image of the idny kavon website

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This is a portfolio site showcasing exciting motion graphics that use stellar 3D design and imagery by talented multidisciplinary artist Idny Kavon.

image of the angry feminist app

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This simple app generates random feminist and queer quotes.
Next step: Build Feminist quotes API 🚀

laptop on the table with gov.hr page open

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eCitizens (Central Government Portal – Gov.hr) Transforming information and service delivery across government to digital-by-default by electronically integrating government data from several information systems into a single one.

screenshot of the 'branches' app

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A simple mobile and web app that allows users to create lists for their projects. Users can add tasks, delete them and also mark them as complete.

image of the indiana bowls restaurant

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With this project, my goal was to let the food speak for itself. The simplistic design was a must for showcasing the product itself.

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This is one of my favorite projects. The app allows user to search for a city by name or current location, and shows current weather and hourly forecast.

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An online dictionary made with React that gives definitions, examples and pictures related to the word search.

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A simple interface that interacts with the NASA API to get the picture of the day from the date you choose.

More soon

More soon

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Let's collaborate to make something great. I'd love to listen to your thoughts and ideas. I'm happy to provide my skills and services to bring your product or website to life!